TOTO on Mostbet: even more benefits from sports betting

TOTO bets offer to win a lot, risking little money. You will have to predict the outcome of events in 15 matches of the draw. If you guess 9 out of 15 results, you will get your winnings taking into account the pool formed. Draws are updated every 2 hours on Mostbet. For quick formation of the pool you can press the button "Random selection" or "Majority Selection". The bet will be accepted as soon as you make a ticket.

What is sweepstakes betting?

Betting on a sweepstakes is a lot like an Express or System, but the amount of winnings is unknown. Players at the expense of their bets form a pool, which after the completion of all events is distributed among the winners in proportion to the amount of bets made by them. Thus, a bettor always has an opportunity to win big by risking a small amount of money.

Key points of TOTO betting:

  • the odds are unknown;
  • it is difficult to predict the size of the winnings received, because it will depend on the formed pool and the bookmaker's commission;
  • it is impossible to choose the matches, because they are offered by the bookmaker;
  • are often accompanied by a jackpot - an additional amount that the player will receive in case of correct prediction of all the results of matches.

At the sweepstakes it is possible to bet on the win/loss/ draw. Often bookmakers offer bets on the exact score.

Interesting! The totalizator appeared in ancient Rome during the gladiatorial battles. In XIX-XX centuries many people associated such bets with horse racing. Today, they have moved into the sport. Many bookmaker companies offer their customers an additional option - to play a sports sweepstakes.

How to bet on the Mostbet totalizator?

Betting totalizator Mostbet involves logging into the club's system under the account data. After authorization in the horizontal menu of the main page select the tab "More" and go to "Toto". A separate page will open, which will offer options for complex bets.

Rules of betting TOPO on Mostbet:

  • you need to add at least one outcome of each available event to the betting slip;
  • if you select several outcomes for one event, the bet amount increases;
  • a slip with at least 9 outcomes is considered winning;
  • it is allowed to make more than one slip;
  • potential winning also depends on the number of bettors who formed identical coupons and guessed outcomes.

The player's winning depends on the pool collected during the draw and the number of correct predictions. The pool is distributed among all the players who guessed the minimum number of outcomes.

Mostbet betting coupons

Mostbet betting coupons are displayed on the right side of the Toto betting page. It contains the following information:

  • time to the beginning of the next draw;
  • current draw pool - the sum of bets on a separate betting market;
  • field to adjust the bet size (buttons "+" and "-");
  • number of added variants.

Activation of the "Make bet" button completes the process of coupon formation. After pressing it, you will not be able to cancel actions.
To add outcomes to your betting slip, simply click on the odds of a probable outcome for each event (15 events). To choose blindly, use the "Random Selection" button. Wish to resort to the opinion of the majority of bettors? Activate the corresponding button "Majority Choice". Button "Clear Selection" will quickly delete the marked outcomes.

What affects the winning of TOTO?

Winning a sweepstakes depends on many factors, but primarily on your intuition.

The distribution of winnings is influenced by the following indicators:

  • the size of the pool;
  • the number of participants;
  • number of bettors who predicted the outcome;
  • bookmaker's commission.

You should understand, the more players have predicted the outcome of events, the smaller amount of winnings each of them will get.
In case of an incomplete distribution of the bank, part of the money can go to the jackpot. If you will be the only player, who guesses all the outcomes correctly, you will get a big win.

How does Mostbet withdraw the winnings?

Mostbet club withdraws the winnings of its customers in the shortest possible time - usually within 1 hour. After entering the personal cabinet, you need to go to the withdrawal tab, choose a payment system, specify the financial information and confirm the withdrawal.

Cashout features:

  • the minimum amount of the cashout - $10;
  • for a conclusion of the prizes use that way with which you filled up the deposit;
  • prior to the first cashout, be sure to verify your account by attaching a scan of your ID document;
  •  the user's account must not be blocked.

To withdraw funds via mobile app, use the "$+" icon.

Thus, TOTO bets are a great way to have fun and catch big winnings. Familiarize yourself with the Mostbet draw, study the betting rules and feel free to place a bet. If you manage to predict at least 9 out of 15 outcomes, get a good payout.